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PJ WUL6280 High End Projector

PJ WUL6280

PJ WUL6280 High End Projector

Make your message clearer to make it more memorable. Install the RICOH PJ WUL6280 High End Projector in auditoriums, lecture halls, churches and other venues. Project brilliant high-definition images and videos in widescreen format on multiple surfaces for maximum impact — with minimal maintenance.

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  • Bring clarity to the screen — and your budget
    Impress your audience by sharing your presentations in ultra high-definition 4K for brighter colors, sharper text and greater contrasts. With HDBaseT connectivity, you can even use your existing network cabling and save on expensive HDMI cables. Share uncompressed video quickly and give your audience breathtaking visuals without waiting for IT support or for signals to buffer.
  • Gain confidence by worrying less
    The system combines laser illumination with digital light processing (DLP) projection, so there’s less maintenance. Without filters to clean or lamps to change, you can enjoy up to 20,000 hours of hassle-free presentations. For greater energy cost savings, use Eco Mode and conserve brightness on darker colors without compromising image quality.
  • Give them something better to look at
    Sometimes even the best message needs to be tweaked. Balance images with Keystone Correct Image Adjustment for less distortion. Use the handy wireless remote control for the motorized lenses to:
    • Adjust horizontal and vertical shift.
    • Zoom in on key information.
    • Fine-tune image focus.
    • Create squarer images when necessary.
  • Paying attention to details just got easier
    When sharing information, every detail is critical. Use the PJ WUL6280 to ensure your audience sees them without distortions or delays. Display high-definition images, spreadsheets, videos and more in a widescreen format with 1920 x 1200 dpi resolution using more than 2 million pixels for lifelike replications every time.
  • Project all-around brilliance
    Use the PC terminals and HDMI ports to showcase images from your computer, DVDs, TVs and more with incredible brightness via 6,000 lumens. Project them anywhere in the room — even on the ceiling, floor or angled walls — simply by adjusting the tilt of the mounted projector using the convenient remote control.
  • Reach everybody in the room
    Be consistent with your message and make sure everybody sees it the same way. Choose between five interchangeable lenses to adjust your presentation to the room and to your audience. Present on screens as small as 50 inches or as large as 300 inches diagonally without moving the projector or compromising image quality.
  • Start and finish with ease
    Share information without any delays. When you turn on the PJ WUL6280, images appear instantly with optimal color density and richness. When you shut down, images cut to black just as quickly without the incessant drone of a fan during cool down.

Interchageable Lens Options

Interchangeable Lens Options :
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